Educational Tours with A Day in the West

If you are looking for more than just outdoor adventures, you can choose from the variety of fantastic activities that you will discover in Sedona. Experience educational outdoor adventures with A Day in the West! A Day in the West offers fun and informative tours that will let you and your friends discover many things…


Get Your Guide this 2021 in Sedona!

Looking to book a tour of Sedona for the first time? Get a knowledgeable guide that will help you with your exploration of Sedona! Experience these recommended guided tours in 2021 in Sedona that will take you to the city’s popular attractions. Plan your visit to Sedona and choose the ideal guided tours for you…


Hiking Bear Mountain Trail

For experienced hikers, choosing the most challenging hike is almost part of their routine whenever they visit Sedona. Hiking Bear Mountain Trail is another difficult hike that is recommended to hikers that are ready to take on the challenge. Know how far you can go while we talk about hiking Bear Mountain Trail! Bear Mountain…

Sedona’s Must-Visit Shopping Destinations

Sedona is well-known for its scenic views, but the majestic Red Rocks are not the only beauty found within the city. Sedona offers plenty of shops and galleries for it’s visitors to marvel at. Shopping in Sedona is not only a great leisure activity, it’s an experience! Get the chance to buy a souvenir or…