Where To Buy Native American Jewelry

If you’re looking for beautiful souvenirs or unique gifts from Sedona, one of these shops may have just the ticket!

Native Jewelry Gallery

Native American artisans sell their handcrafted goods through the Native Jewelry Gallery and a variety of tribes are represented, from Navajo, Zuni, Hopi, and Apache. Jewelry styles range from silverwork to beading, and incorporate locally sourced materials, including turquoise, jasper, and oyster shell.


Kopavi sells Hopi-made jewelry, from genuine Hopi craftsmen using their heritage and spirituality to create wearable art. The pieces are often of an overlay style, and feature local semi-precious stones and carved designs symbolizing Hopi myths, legends, or views of the world.

Blue Eyed Bear

This family-owned gallery curates jewelry pieces from new Native artisans across Sedona and the Verde Valley. Their items lean towards bold and chunky styles, and they also offer carved tokens, such as animals carved in jasper.

Clear Creek Trading Company

Clear Creek offers products from artisans across the country, with a focus on Western tribes. While the goods on display range from clothing to home goods, they have a solid offering of jewelry, with a variety of pieces you’ll love. A number of the pieces are designed to be reminiscent of Native protective amulets, and you can learn a bit about the rich history of that style in the store.

Find beautiful jewelry from Native American artisans in Sedona!