Swimming Holes in Sedona

Sedona is a heavenly city where you can not only enjoy land excursions, hiking, and watching its stunning views but also a place where you can have fun playing in the water during your vacation.

This article will show you where you can have a wonderful experience in the swimming holes of Sedona:

Slide Rock
State Park

One of the places that we recommend visiting is Slide Rock State Park. Although you can go hiking at Slide Rock State Park, the best thing about this place is the pristine water at Oak Creek. As one of America’s top 10 swimming holes, your swimming hole experience at Slide Rock State Park is sure to be memorable.

Red Rock

Before you reach this swimming destination, you will first see the beautiful view of the Red Rock Crossing. The Red Rock Crossing swimming hole is not too far from the parking area.  Have fun swimming while looking up at Cathedral Rock, the best view that you will see from the Red Rock Crossing creek. You will surely enjoy a wonderful day in the water with your family at Red Rock Crossing.


Visit this shaded swimming hole beside a large cliff in Oak Creek Canyon called Grasshopper Point. This swimming hole is popular because of its fresh, clean water and the many attractions around the area. You and your friends can have a picnic and go fishing. Even though the cliff will tempt you to jump from it, it is discouraged for your own safety.