Stay Entertained With These Plague Movies

If you’re spending more time in the hotel due to COVID-19, keep busy streaming these great pandemic-centered movies!

Stay Entertained With These Plague Movies


Starring Chris Pine and Piper Perabo, this film follows four survivors who escape society during a plague only to find the health risks may not be worse than relying on each other during a time of extreme stress. Instead, they find that surviving together may be harder than they expected.

The Last Days

You may be inside more than you like, but the people in The Last Days literally die if they have to go out. Marc, the leading role, has to find his girlfriend – but how can he do so if he can’t leave?


Instead of death, a virus causes victims to go blind. It’s an interesting variation, as people are forced to deal with their new reality – loss of vision changes their lives in expected and unexpected ways.


Starring Gwyneth Paltrow, a virus begins to spread, and the discourse between conspiracy theorists and government authorities hinders, rather than helps, stopping the spread. This movie will remind you to pay attention to where information is coming from as you wait out COVID-19.

The Stand

This Stephen King thriller features a plague that kills most of the Earth’s human population, leaving only a small group of survivors. While they may have gotten through the pandemic, they have more challenges lying ahead – they are the armies that fight the battle between good and evil.

Enjoy these great movies while you’re avoiding social contact!