Sedona Bucket List

Want to know where to go? Travel lovers, don’t miss the beauty of unique towering red rock formations, and the great adventure you will experience here in Sedona. This bucket list will surely make your time and life worthwhile.

Chapel of the Holy Cross

An elegant and striking modern 1950s chapel located atop red rock buttes is the best tourist spot here in Sedona. As you enter the chapel, the sight of the Sedona red rocks is something to behold.

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Bell Rock

When arriving Sedona, you will first see this amazing rock formation while driving at Sedona from Hwy 179. Coming from its name, the rock is magnificently formed like a bell melting into the landscape.

You can try out different trails that go around and near the base of Bell Rock.

Cathedral Rock

Looking for an IG-worthy spot? Sedona has many places that have a picturesque view. And one of these is the Cathedral rock.

Go on a short hike and experience the astonishing beauty of the naturally occurring red rock formations in the heart of red rock country.

Devil’s Bridge Trail

Don’t let its name deceive you. The Devil’s Bridge Trail is the most heavenly sights where you can see the splendor of Sedona. You can go here by taking a hike. Also, you can bring your dog to accompany you on this trail.

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Oak Creek Canyon

Towering red canyon walls, lush forest and rushing creek will surely make you pause for a moment in amazement.

Red Rock Scenic Byway (SR 179)

Buckle up as you enter the gateway of the world-famous Red Rock Country of Arizona. By driving down the highway, you will enjoy the marvelous sight of Sedona.

Airport Mesa

Looking for the best sunset spot in Sedona? A short drive takes you to the top and an amazing overlook where you can watch the sunset with visitors from all over the world.

It is time to unwind and explore the beauties of Sedona. See it with your own eyes and be amazed! Create the best memories of your life; make Sedona your best bucket list!