Rockhounds Can Have Fun Digging In Sedona

Plenty of towns have gem “mining” where you can filter through a cultivated stream for some gemstones and crystals, but Sedona is an excellent spot to find those rocks in nature!

Rockhounds Can Have Fun Digging In Sedona

Gray Mountain

Head outside Sedona to Gray Mountain with your mining supplies to find jasper, agate, and shaman stones. You can find plenty right on the surface, but make sure you have a pick to do a bit of digging.

Dobell Ranch

Dobell Ranch charges a small fee for you to dig for wood right alongside the Petrified National Forest. It’s an excellent opportunity to bring home some ancient pieces. Wood in the forest dates back hundreds of millions of years, although what you take home likely won’t be quite that old.

Superstition Wilderness National Forest

Hike through this federally protected land, and along the trail, you’ll have the chance to pick up some Apache tears, as well as obsidian and perlite. As you look for bountiful spots, you’ll get to see some amazing views and maybe encounter Arizona wildlife….

Enjoy finding some crystals and stones to take home with you from Arizona!