Must See Stops on Route 66 in Arizona

If you are driving to Sedona, you might want to stop at some of the amazing roadside attractions you will find along the highway. You will experience some thrilling adventures in Sedona, but why not visit places you will find along the way?

OK Saloon

It will take about an hour by car to travel on Route 66 from Seligman to Sedona. Founded in 1983 by Jim and Jean Pope, it was known as a saloon that sold other goods and offered towing services. This historical place has been popular with many people who take this route to see the Grand Canyon. It is one of the best places to stop to buy Arizona souvenirs or to dine at.

Roadkill Cafe

Roadkill Cafe has been serving breakfast, lunch and dinner since 1997. It is uniquely designed with numerous preserved animal heads mounted on the interior walls. Paper bills are pasted on the ceiling and some part of the walls have notes with messages written on them. You will not only get your fill, but this exotic experience to dine at Roadkill Café will be added to the list of your most unforgettable experiences.


Depending on which direction you are coming from, make sure you stop at other roadside attractions. If you are going on a long drive and have enough time to visit roadside attractions, it is recommended that you explore the area.