Interesting New Age Shopping Locales To Browse

Sedona is known for its spiritual side – if you want to explore that, try visiting some of these shops!

Interesting New Age Shopping Locales To Browse

Center For The New Age

This store is a solid resource for people seeking to explore New Age practices. You can learn about feng shui and smudging here, as well as have your fortune read or book a vortex tour. You can also spend some time browsing their shelves, where you’ll find books on various traditions, crystals, meditation tools, and more.

Stone Age Sedona

Stone Age is a jewelry shop, where every piece is designed to aid in chakra healing, aura support, or other tasks. You can learn about the meaning of different stones from the educated jewelers, as well as what certain symbols and designs mean.

Mystical Bazaar

This shop has an extensive array of products, so regardless of where your interests lie, you can find the supplies here. Pick up statues, jewelry, crystals, books, wands, and more, and consider having your aura read or a consultation on your chakras.

Delve into new age practices to see if they work for you in Sedona!