Hiking Bear Mountain Trail

For experienced hikers, choosing the most challenging hike is almost part of their routine whenever they visit Sedona. Hiking Bear Mountain Trail is another difficult hike that is recommended to hikers that are ready to take on the challenge. Know how far you can go while we talk about hiking Bear Mountain Trail!

Bear Mountain Trail

The Bear Mountain Trail is one of the most strenuous hikes that you will experience in Sedona. Although it is called “Bear” Mountain Trail, you will not find any bears along the way. It was named after the physical structure of its peak that resembles a bear. This trail is one of the favorites of Sedona’s local population that is also highly recommended for tourist hikers. Know more about Bear Mountain Trail and plan your hiking experience.

Hiking Experience

Hiking Bear Mountain Trail will take about 5 hours walking and climbing up the mountain. It has a length of 7.9 km with an elevation gain of 602 m. This hike requires more climbing because Bear Mountain Trail is a bit steep and there are many slippery surfaces that you need to watch out for. Make sure that you bring your sunscreen because it can be hot during mid-day time.

What to Look Forward

You may have a difficult time during the entire hike, but it will be worth it because you will get to view the stunning beauty of Sedona while you are hiking Bear Mountain Trail. The whole experience will not fail to show you how beautiful Sedona is. When you reach the top of the Bear Mountain Trail, you will enjoy not only the scenic views but also the quiet and peaceful environment it offers.