Get Your Guide this 2021 in Sedona!

Looking to book a tour of Sedona for the first time? Get a knowledgeable guide that will help you with your exploration of Sedona! Experience these recommended guided tours in 2021 in Sedona that will take you to the city’s popular attractions. Plan your visit to Sedona and choose the ideal guided tours for you and your friends!  

Sedona: Mogollon Rim Run Off-Road Jeep Tour

Book a fantastic guided tour of the scenic Mogollon Rim, the Mogollon Rim Run Off-Road Jeep Tour. This guided jeep tour lasts up to 3 hours of excursion to the beautiful views of Sedona’s wilderness. Climb up 2,000 ft of elevation to view more of Sedona’s wonders including the famous Snoopy Rock, Munds Mountain, Merry-Go-Round Rock, Wilson Mountain and Mitten Ridge. You can find this tour on GetYourGuide’s website. 

Sedona Mini Coach Tour

Invite your friends to join Sedona’s Mini Coach Tour which is recommended to a small group of people with up to 14 participants. Experience the beautiful red rock country with your friends while being guided by experienced tour guides. This tour will let you experience Sedona’s wonderful culture and nature within 2.5 hours. You will visit Sedona’s famous attractions such as the airport overlook, Gallery District and Chapel of the Holy Cross. 

The Grand Canyon Classic Tour From Sedona

Visit one of the most famous attractions in Sedona with The Grand Canyon Classic Tour From Sedona! Avail of this thrilling day trip that is open to 14 participants. Grand Canyon Classic Tour From Sedona takes up to 10 hours of adventure to Sedona’s breathtaking natural attractions. You can also shop for souvenirs during this tour at the Historic Cameron Trading Post. Avail of these tours at GetYourGuide’s website.