Sedona, Arizona is said to be one of the most scenic and most adventure-filled places to visit. Almost all visitors would want to go to the popular places and do some of the exciting activities. Sedona might be one of the places on our bucket list and we must remember that there are some things that we should NOT do:

Don’t Visit Sedona without Preparation

Since Sedona is filled with numerous fun-filled activities, anyone who wishes to spend their vacation in the city must take all necessary preparations before visiting. These preparations include booking a hotel and the vehicle that you will be using.

Make sure to book a room with a view so you will not miss out to waking up with picturesque sceneries of Sedona!

Don’t Pack Unnecessary Things

Whether you will be vacationing during the summer or winter seasons, make sure to bring the appropriate clothes for your trip to Sedona. Inappropriate clothes and shoes would only cause problems for you rather than let you enjoy the attractions and activities.

Don’t Rent a Regular Car

Sedona is famous for
its rocky hills and unstable terrain, especially in the outlands. When you book
a car in this city, make sure to choose a four-by-four vehicle to withstand all
kinds of roads you will encounter during your visit.

Booking an all-wheel automobile will also lessen the possibilities of having car damages and accidents as you drive on backcountry roads.

Never Violate Parking Ordinances

If you think you can get away with parking in illegal parking spaces, then think again! Sedona takes their parking ordinances very seriously. Even though you are parking in a handicap parking space for a while to buy something at a store, expect to see a Sedona police officer writing you a ticket.

Make sure to refrain from doing these things and your trip will run smoothly and ticket-free!